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The Vineyards Camper Contest


We are very excited for next summer! We want the camp to be as full as possible! The most effective form of advertisement is word of mouth, we are challenging all attendees of the camp to bring as many friends as they can, we will tally the results June 1st and a $1000.00 cash prize will be given to whoever brings the most friends. 

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Our goal is to increase our camper enrollment for next summer to that of comparable status pre-covid. 

Last year we had 400 campers attend camp, this summer we need to double that. (Summer of 2019 we had 600 campers)


*Invite all your friends!!

*1 camper, IAP or LIT week counts as a point.

*Results will be announced June 1st, 2024.

*You must be registered for camp this year.

*Points will be awarded to your family as a whole so work together!

*We will update the top 5 marketers every week on this page so you can see where you stand compared to others.

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