The Camp


A Planned Approach

Prior to arriving at the camp, each camper chooses a “Major”. Girls go to their majors in the morning, boys in the afternoon. While girls are at majors, boys attend electives, and vice versa. The majors offer in-depth instruction, two hours per day, for the entire week. The electives (two different choices each day) are chosen the night before. Thus, in one week, each child receives 10 hours of instruction in a major, and one hour of instruction in 10 different electives.


Campers choose one of eleven majors prior to arriving at the camp. Should the camper not receive his/her first choice, the camp will notify the parent and discuss a second choice. The camp offers daily out-of-camp excursions including canoeing and inner tubing down the Dan River, backpacking and hiking in nearby state parks, and fishing trips.

Electives / Clinics

In addition to Majors, all campers select two Electives each day. The activities are not as intense as the major, but provide variety and new experiences for the campers. Each camper is also given two one-hour free periods each day. These free hours are offered at 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. each day. Campers can visit the pool, partake in a tournament, send or receive email, attend a clinic, or just hang around the store or recreation area with friends and staff.


  • 25-Meter Pool
  • Adventure Tower / High Ropes
  • Riflery/Pistol Range
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Field
  • Amphitheater
  • Archery Range
  • Basketball court
  • Gymnasium
  • Body Conditioning Center
  • Equitation Center for 32 horses
  • Four all weather Tennis courts
  • Table Tennis Center
  • Voleibol
  • Lago
  • Paintball Center
  • Billiards Room
  • Crafts Pavilion
  • Staff Lounge
  • Camper Lounge
  • Leader in Training and Apprentice Lounge
  • Zipline
  • Water Slide
  • Blob and Blob tower
  • Archery site
  • Rugby Field
  • Junior and Olympic Riding Rings
  • Language Center
  • Skeet Shooting Site
  • 40-foot waterfall at our out post site

Food Services

Whitfield Lodge is centrally located at the camp and houses our kitchen, dining hall, camper lounge, store, recreation center and billiard complex. All food is prepared in the sanitation Grade-A kitchen by chefs and cooks dedicated to satisfying the discriminating palates of children from all over the world.

At most camps, food is one of the most disappointing experiences. At our camp, it is one of our fortes. Our desire for excellence has compelled us from the beginning to have first-class food service. We hire the cooks and chefs that staff our kitchen. Our food is not only balanced and nutritious; it is delicious, varied, and appealing. Some campers tell us that their favorite part of camp is the food.

Three meals are prepared daily at Whitfield Lodge. This large, air-conditioned hall is not your typical “mess hall.”

Three large stainless steam tables keep the entrees, vegetables and breads warm and fresh. An iced salad bar provides salad and fresh fruit.

Lunches and dinners include salad or fruit bars, and all meals include a variety of entrees. Dinner entrees include bar-b-ques, chicken dishes and a celebration country cuisine now and then! Homemade desserts accompany lunch and/or dinner.

Because of our international appeal, each week we feature entrees from the featured country for that week. Crepes, homemade croissants and beef bourguignon might be offered during French week and tacos, fajitas and mole sauce might be offered during the Mexican week. Regardless, typical “American” food always accompanies the international fare.

Health Care

Peace of mind for parents typically begins with the assurance that the camp will look after the physical well-being of their child. A large percentage of our staff are certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid, CPR, and Life Guarding. All program areas considered “high risk” include at least one staff properly certified by the American Red Cross for First Aid.

In addition, we have a crew of professional medical staff to look after every conceivable medical situation. We provide an Infirmary complete with an examining room, quarters for our medical staff (two nurses most sessions), a dispensary, an isolation room, and two wards for girls and boys. Our nurses dispense medication to the campers (which is given to the nurse by the parents at check-in) as specified by the family physician. (Please note that our medical staff cannot alter the medication unless the physician changes the prescription.) A licensed physician has approved our medical procedures. Our nurses are licensed, and the health care staff live at the camp.

Campers requiring special medical attention are taken to Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. Should a child ever spend the evening in the Infirmary or be taken to the hospital, parents are immediately informed.



Our Director of Transportation will oversee the arrival and departure of all campers and will designate the drivers who will be designated for each camper. We will not have specific driver's allocated until much closer to camper arrival. In the interim, please list the Camp.

Our Transportation Contact Is:
Director of Transportation
The Vineyard Camp & Retreat Center, Inc.
1945 Vineyard Road
Westfield, North Carolina 27053
Office phone: (336) 351-2070

For those arriving by commercial airline

Campers and staff should arrive at the Greensboro International Airport (GSO) which is less than one hour from the camp. Please be sure to make our office staff aware of your arrival time at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival.

For those arriving by private plane

The Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem receives private planes, as does the Mount Airy Airport—both of these airports are thirty (30) minutes from the camp. Please be sure to make our office staff aware of your arrival time at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival.

For those driving to our camp

From Winston-Salem, NC, travel north on US 52. Exit at the Pilot Mountain/Elkin exit and travel east on highway 268 through the small village of Pilot Mountain (1.5 miles).

Highway 268 will dead end after you drive through the town (one light). At the dead end, turn right and continue on 268 East for about one mile. Turn left just past the Shell station onto (again) 268 East.

Continue on 268 East for about three (3) miles until you reach a fork in the road; take the left fork (Pilot Westfield Road), and continue till the dead end (2.2 miles). Turn right onto Brown Mountain Road and travel 3.8 miles to Route 66.

Turn right on Rt. 66 and travel about 100 feet. On your right you will see the Brown Mountain Baptist Church, on the left is The Vineyard Road. Travel left down the Vineyard Road to the camp entrance – about 1.7 miles.

For those arriving by train

Campers and staff should arrive at the Greensboro Terminal in Greensboro, NC . Please be sure to make our office staff aware of your arrival time at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival.