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God's gift to mankind?

Isn’t it amazing how many of our leaders and politicians behave in a way and say things we would never accept from our children?  Aren’t you surprised that those who have done so well athletically, in the media, in business and as national leaders seem so unfamiliar with what is common referred to as “a good upbringing?”

On both sides of the aisle there seems to be rabid desire to denigrate the other by attempting to judge the hearts and intentions of the other. That’s dangerous. Jesus said, "with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”  Judgment may be coming to many folks, it appears.

One reason I see can clearly see hypocrisy, fraud and dishonesty in others is because it is also in my heart. Oswald Chambers said, “The great characteristic of a saint is humility”.   Humility is most quickly recognized when a man of humility looks at the sins and missteps of others and can say,  “Yes, all those things and other evils would have been manifested in me but for the grace of God, therefore I have no right to judge.”  Oh for a congress like this and for news anchors and editors of newspapers with the same sober understanding of their own frailty.

And that, of course, is what is missing today. Humility. But it’s not only the arrogance of the wealthy, or athletically talented or our politicians that is creating such a mess in our society, it’s also the arrogance of those of us who know better—i.e. the Christian leaders, teachers and pastors and priests.  Those of us  behind the pulpit, lectern or computer keyboard that are ordained to share the gospel have no excuse for judging the hearts of others; we certainly have no reason  to display pride!  We have studied scripture more (or we should have), we have attended lectures on  systematic theology, philosophy and church history and have we’ve been required to carefully examine the lives of the great men and women of God throughout the Judeo-Christian period. Supposedly we pray more, are more intimately acquainted with the Savior and realize that we will be more carefully held to account for what we do and say! 

So how can any man or woman of God be anything less than humble, gentle and ready to admit that they are in no position to judge, lecture or condemn.  Truly, no one turns people away from God more than those of us, called by God to share the gospel, that develop an arrogant regard for ourselves and a dismissive attitude towards others.

Forgive me for rambling tonight, but a pastor, preacher, priest or Christian minister is not God’s gift to mankind; we are an example of how God can take the least in the community and still accomplish great things. Truly it is with the most unworthy of us that He does the greatest work. We would be wise to soberly recall this before we preach, teach or post a blog.

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