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How do atheists and agnostics live like this?

How do atheists and agnostics live like this?

Because of my work, family, obligations and personal expectations I am, of late, pressed to the point of thinking I am going to break. I think, some days, if one more person demands something from me it’s going to be “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. But then, when I stop whining and feeling sorry for myself, I pour out my heart to Him and I immediately feel His presence, experience the comfort of His Holy Spirit and I am refreshed and ready for more! As I read the living Word, hear that still, small voice, and watch the evidence of His attentiveness to my needs appear all day long, I am able to live, breathe and go forward.

How then does a person, without Jesus Christ in their heart, go out the front door? Unprotected, with no sense of direction, with no one to turn to if things go crazy….I think it’s better to stay inside the house. I don’t say this sarcastically or to taunt non-believers, but I’ve never lived at a time when everything is so topsy-turvy, unpredictable and hard to navigate as it is now. How does one just get out of bed and magically hope that things will turn out alright? How can a person leave everything to chance or trust that their best efforts will somehow make all things rosy. Granted, the three wealthiest men in the world have no relationship with God, but for every Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, there are a billion other people trying just as hard to make a life for themselves and survive. And upon further examination I would argue that their personal lives are a mess regardless of their net worths.

We’re but a mist—our lives can be cut short with something as microscopic as a virus or as witless as a stray bullet. As I am writing this blog at least two friends are dying from cancer—-they will be gone in a few days short of a miracle. Sooner or later, we will all pass and, either stand before God, regardless of what atheists hope.

The pressures of life this year are enough to depress even the strongest of us. Christians are perhaps even under more attack emotionally and socially as we strive to survive on this “alien” planet. The enemy attacks us all the more sincerely as we bring others over to God’s side. Things on this earth are not right, we know it, and we can’t make it right—and that’s frustrating! But as His Holy Spirit reminds us that we are living in the enemy’s territory we can determine to not expect things to be right, fair, or just—-and yet to never cease to work for it, give it and die for it. It’s a strange paradox.

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