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I just want to be with you...

I just want to be with you….”

Lately that’s what my boys have been telling me—“I just want to be with you, daddy”. They only want to “be” with me regardless of what I am doing. Whether it’s cooking or cleaning or reading the paper or simply being in the same room with me! Now why is this? Mainly because I have not “been” with them lately. We might eat and work and live together, but because of the added work brought into my life because of the virus, school, etc, I have little time left to just “hang out” with the boys. And what they crave is one-on-one time with me.

There’s a need for time to “do nothing”, with your children, but I am not very talented in just goofing off or "hanging around”. To me, the sand is filling up the bottom half of my hour glass rather fast, but to them, the sun is high in the sky, so why be in a hurry. In many ways, they’ve got it right and I have it wrong.

This year I have found that the most sublime moments with God have not been the ones where I was in my routine of prayer, nor when I am crying out to Him in frustration, but rather those sweet times I am merely conversing with Him about all things. Just “hangin out with God” has allowed me to understand a bit more about who He is, what He loves, what makes Him proud, etc.

And would you believe that I have gotten to know Him better in just “being” with Him and not expecting things from Him? But isn’t that the best way to become familiar with anyone that you want to get closer to? Why don’t we seek Him more by merely being in His presence and decide to simply gaze into His face? My boys seek from me an “audience” with me solely, because they want to know me better and because, I suppose, they are hoping that I want to know them better! My conscience is constantly being pricked by how unlike my Heavenly Father I am to my boys when it comes to listening, showing that I care, and conveying to them that I really do want to know them better and to help them reach the stars!

I have noticed in my life that those that I love the most—the ones I have the most secure place with in their hearts—I am not required to chatter with or create a conversation with when we come together. Just being with them is enough—-words are often not required. Just knowing that we are together, in one place, mutually respecting appreciating the company of the other is sufficient—-it’s all that’s needed.

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