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I know that you normally receive a blog from me on this mailing list every few days, but his letter is about our camp, The Vineyard. Today a long-time supporter of our camp and board member, Mr. Tommy Walker, made a challenge pledge of $20,000 for this month. He has promised to donate up to $20,000 if we are able to find funds to match that gift before October 1, 2022.

Most  of you that read my blogs know about our camp for children and our work.  You probably know that as a charitable organization we must raise funds to continue our operation.  These funds ($20,000) will help us expand our program and operation and will assist us in caring for and improving our little camp.   Last year, for example, the largess of others allowed us to resurface our tennis courts,  improve several buildings and help dozens of children attend our camp on scholarship.

If you are able to help us this year, please consider being generous before the end of this month!


Dean Barley

1945 Vineyard Road

Westfield, NC 27053

336 351 2070

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