The little things do matter.......

Am I ready to please God in the small things rather than waiting or dreaming about the chance to do  that “big thing” for Him?  Jesus talked about the need to be trusted in small matters before I could be responsible for larger matters.  Is it not the joy of doing the small things for Him, simply because I love Him, the thing that brings a smile to His face?  How often do I miss that satisfaction of knowing He’s proud of me just by loving Him, and showing it, in a very small action I took that only He saw?

What are the small things?  Committing little gestures of kindness to the “least” people in my life.  Practicing honesty in all things and keeping my promises no matter how small the matter….and doing it as an honor to the One that I love.  Reminding Him, during the day, that I do love Him by telling Him, singing to Him, lifting my hands and simply embracing Him…

Do I remember during the day that He is watching me—-and am I watching Him?  Do I delight to find that He is proud of me and happy with the little things I do, each day, that only He and I know about?  Is He the motivating factor in those pleasant things that I am doing—-or is there a hidden motive or, worse, a secret hope that the good things I do might be exposed so that I get praise and recognition?

God gives me ample opportunities daily to display my love for Him in secret ways that no one else will ever discover.  Is that a special delight for me?  Is this something that brings a smile to my face even we it’s apparent to others I have nothing to smile about?

I suppose the ultimate question is simply, “Do I know Him?”  Is He Lord of my life in all things even the small things? If I do, I cannot help but love Him and savor His smile…..

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