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Build it well....

When I built my first home I talked a lot with the architect about how to make sure that it was warm and inviting. I wanted something “organic” and natural looking with a feel of comfort, but also beautiful. You’ve seen homes or buildings that lacked balance and beauty, and others that take your breathe away—I wanted the latter.

But aren’t we all wooed by the loveliness of form, color and the unique textures of home or other places in which we spend much of our time? Solomon said, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man's heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV. My childhood desire to be an architect was not some fanciful attraction because simply I liked making buildings out of Legos; there is something eternal within each of us that finds pleasure in imagining, designed and building things of symmetry and beauty. This appetite for perfect lines, angles, color and proportions will only completely be satisfied in heaven—but I sure that our appetite for perfection should cause us to create things well! He has placed that yearning within our hearts.

I visited a lot of camps before I established this one forty years ago (!). There were two “extremes” I saw. Some camps looked a country club—manicured lawns, gravel roads perfectly raked, spotless cabins with beds nicely arranged, and so on. “Pretty”, but somehow not a “camp”, at least not as I imagined one. Then there were the rustic camps with no grass, rutted roads, cabins that were put together, hastily, a long time ago. There was a certain charm to those battered-up camps, but it was clear that pride in the operation, maintenance and overall design of the camp was lacking.

We’re told in the Bible to do tasks (or to build things) “as unto the Lord”. That’s the standard any Christian camp, church or ministry should set. I am not claiming that our structures at this camp are perfect, flawless, or even as good as they could/should be. But we are striving to do what we do excellent, better each time we do it, and as attractive and professional as time and finances will allow.

You might not believe it, but a well designed building, home, cabin or camp actually helps people emotionally! Beauty, organization, a tidy cabin and organized camp encourages positive interaction, reduces stress and home-sickness, and encourages achievement and pursuing our goals.

One day all our senses will be sated and totally fulfilled as we behold His glory and the magnificence of His Kingdom and the places He has prepared for us in heaven. Until then, we at our camp will continue to work towards, create and imagine cabins, buildings and facilities that reflect His glory.

(Let me close by suggesting that it takes time, skill and resources to do this! If you want to help with your time, skill and resources, please let us know—-we have quite a list of things to do to get the camp ready this coming summer. It takes time and money!)

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