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Do you tell the truth and keep your word?

We usually talk about “legalism” in a negative way, but I think that in two regards it might be good to consider becoming legalistic:

1 When it comes to telling the truth

2 When it comes to keeping your promise

In fact, the entire foundation of our faith is based upon our belief that Jesus always practiced these two virtues. Mohammed lied and broke his word—it’s an historical fact. But imagine if Jesus’ words could not be trusted? Where would we be if He were not incapable of breaking His promise or lying? Jesus never lies and never breaks His word——praise God!

But today it seems like many of us who lead in Christian endeavors are more legalistic about nearly all matters except those that deal with two matters core to human relationships: Telling the truth and being trustworthy to keep a promise, oath or covenant.

It’s funny, but often times Christian “men” revert to boyish behavior when it suits us, and then wrap up that callow deportment in spiritual blather to excuse their childish antics. It’s wrong to lie and wrong to break your word. Period. I am not above any of this, of course, but more than once I have witnessed men far wiser, sophisticated and educated than me, tell half-truths or make a solemn promise and then break the promise with the same excuse an eight year old would use.

I recently told my eldest son that there are only four men that I trust to always keep their promise, no matter how much it hurt them. Most men will break their word (i.e.. covenant) if keeping it.becomes too difficult or if some burdensome obstacle presented itself—-but men of God are supposed to be above this! I know four men that do not let me, or anyone else down, when they give their word—-but what about the rest… and what about the ilk in Washington, DC?

What a pity all men of God don’t do what they say and invariably tell the truth. David put it this way in Psalm 15: “Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain?….he who keeps an oath even when it hurts,and does not change their mind;”

Do you? Do you keep your oath/promise/prayer regardless of how circumstances around you may change (and they will) or are you just a little boy dressed up in adult clothes? It’s time for God’s men to act the part of a real men—keep your promise and tell the truth.

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