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He’s never in a hurry—get used to it………

He’s never in a hurry—get used to it………

When Jesus good friend, Lazarus, became deathly ill, Jesus waited at least five days before He went to see him and the sisters—-Mary and Martha. His love for this three siblings is unmatched in any record of the bible. He loved all men, but His love for these three was exceptional and mentioned more than once.

Those that loved Lazarus suffered as Jesus delayed in coming to the rescue—they suffered. Some would argue that there cannot be a “good God” is He sends ir permits all the suffering that occurs in the world. And I suppose that would be true if all suffering is a bad. But what if suffering, viewed from an “eternal perspective” is not bad——but perhaps even the best thing that could possible happen to us at times? What is suffering was the only way God could redeem mankind and get their attention to save their very souls from an eternity of suffering?

Hearts were broken! Jesus could have prevented it!!! He knows about death and heartache and tears—and yet He allows them—-all the time.

To this family all seemed lost! They did NOT know that Jesus would come in five or six days and bring their brother back to life! They rightly assumed that he was gone for good! From all appearances, Jesus let them down—at least for five days. He did not hurry……He did not jump and take action. He took His time despite the pressure from others to hurry.

-NOTHING that happens to us catches God off guard. He is control of time, space and the future.

-GOD WILL NOT BE PUSHED OR HURRIED despite how desperate we might think things are.

-LAZARUS become more than a hero—-he became the efficacy of the Jesus’ Lordship.

-MARY, MARTHA and many others had their horrible sorrow and pain and suffering turned into indescribable joy and entered into a new understanding of who Jesus REALLY was.

-Jesus loving me does not mean He will not allow suffering into my life; but I can be certain that He is aware that the suffering will be turned into indescribable joy if I trust in Him. Things might not turn out like I expect….when I expect….in the order I expect, et al, but He takes no pleasure in my pains or broken-heartedness.

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