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Is there a time to get angry?

Is there a time to get angry?

Is there a time to get angry?

And is it wrong to NOT be angry when certain things happen?

Lately I think I am getting it somethings backwards and find myself very “angry” at my “anger” at the wrong things and not angry at the right things!

The bible tells us to , “Let not the sun go down on your anger…….” And again to“Be angry, but don’t sin……….” I tell my boys, “I don't need anger management, you boys just need to stop making me angry!” There are over a 100 billion nerves in the human body, and there are four people who have the ability to irritate all of them—-and they LIVE with me under the same roof…

So do we know when to walk away from anger or jump into it? When do we show our disgust and rage and when should we “measure” our resentment and disapproval?

I’ve heard moms and dads often tell their small children just how cute they are when they get mad, to which a precocious four-year old little girl quipped, “Well, you’re about to see me turn gorgeous!” What are we teaching kids about anger—-and how to show it?

What gets most of us mad?

Being laughed at

Being patronized

Wrongly accused


Being ignored

Being treated inferior

“Self control” is a gift of the Holy Spirit—-but the gift can be over-ridden if I am not connected to the Vine all day long!!! But this does not mean we can’t or should not get upset at times.

Anger is something that God Himself shows and that Jesus displayed, and to never get angry probably means that you’ve given up, don’t care, see no solution, you’re just ready to give up or you are simply indifferent. Anger can drive us to abolish things that are evil, fight things that will never surrender till they are destroyed and it can teach our children that there IS right and wrong in the world that there IS a time to be “burning with anger”.

The therapists of self-help give us no help by failing to see that anger is not always a bad thing or something to suppress or avoid. The purpose of “good” anger is not meant to calm me down or make me feel better about myself. It is a God given emotion that can inspire me to do the things that needs to be done!

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