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The Vineyard

Dear Friends:

One of challenges with the four boys in my home is how to react to the constant lying they are so accustomed to.  It’s been said that you can tell when the North Korean government is lying——it’s anytime they print or say anything. In some ways that makes it easier to work with them—you know from the starting point that they can’t be trusted.

But my boys do sometimes tell the truth. And while I don’t want them to know it, I just can’t tell when they are lying and then they are “truthing”!  But nothing, absolutely nothing eats at the fiber of our home like dishonesty does.

God tells us in Proverbs that he hates these things: “A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren” (Proverbs 6:16-19).  Please note that at least two of the things GOD hates are involved with deceit—a “lying tongue” and “a false witness who speaks lies”.   God hates it, and that’s enough for me to know that it’s bad.

But having for young men in my home I have a greater appreciation for why dishonesty is so evil and worthy of being hated. It destroys our unity, steals our peace and wrecks the security of our home.  We end up not trusting what each other says and even questioning motives.  Even the kind things that are said become suspect.

The second recorded sin of man was deceit——it’s a part of our DNA!  We try to wriggle out of accountability for our mistakes or bad choices by, well….. lying!  And yet I would tell you that my first hand experience is that I am never so impressed with a man (or woman) than when they admit to something they did that should diminish their reputation, rather than lie about it.  I can work and associate with someone that’s always honest—even if that honesty sometimes results in them telling me something I had hoped was not  true.

How are we to share to the Good News of God and of Jesus the Redeemer if we don’t have integrity! How can a person be convinced that we we are saying about our eternal home —-a home that could also be theirs—is true if we are known to lie, exaggerate, embellish or deceive.

My God hold us accountable for the truth in all matters since summer, and may He give me the wisdom and grace to teach my boys to be honest and trustworthy.


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

336 351 2070

919 360 8493 (Mobile)

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