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Update on Camp

Hello friends of the Vineyard camp .

With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give everyone a pre -Grapevine update on what’s happening on top of Brown Mountain .

I would like to start off by saying , we are pumped for the summer of 2023 . We believe that next summer will be a very full summer; our goal is 800 camper weeks. Currently campers sign up daily and we think we are on target to pass this goal! (If you are interested in hosting a camp presentation on your home contact us today!)

Soon we will start capital improvements and boy do we have some great things in store for next summer— but i will save most of the surprises for the official Grapevine (coming out near Christmas ) but let’s just say we are bringing WATER WARSback . And the camp store ? Completely revamped , who wants ice cream and milkshakes ?

These past few years have been a blessing but at the same time a challenge . Covid hit the camp very hard and we are still recuperating from losses because of the fire that crippled us a few years ago . We want the camp to be the best it can, but in order to achieve all that we want, we must continue to raise capital for camp sponsorships and capital improvements . The Vineyard camp needs to raise $150,000 more improvements, even though we’ve already over $300,000! We are so thankful for everyone who continues to contribute to us. But in order to start improvements for next summer and to start ordering equipment, this is what we need we need to end the year a bit ahead.

This month we are partnering with “Solarte" and we encourage everyone to check out their premier range of skin care products . You may also check out their products in our camp store next summer ! They have amazing gift sets for the holidays that are perfect for your loved ones !

We thank everyone who continues to support us and we look forward to next summer !

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