We need a revival.....

Dear Friends,

A friend recently shared with me a short story about a Welsh “revivalist” named Evan Roberts who preached around 1904. He was the man God used to bring over 100,000 souls to Jesus Christ! But his message was so simple and the delivery so very short.

His message was as follows:

-Confess all your sins

-Remove anything doubtful from your life

-Give yourself completely to the Spirit—-and then speak and do all He requires of you

-Publicly confess Jesus Christ

He could preach for hours, it’s said, but he could also, if led by the Spirit, speak for only a few minutes. It was the short, brief message that sparked a revival. Oh that preachers today would listen to the Holy Spirit and speak no more, (or less), than prompted! Where did this idea that a preacher must speak thirty or forty-five minutes come from??

Evan Roberts merely preached the good new about Jesus Christ and the Spirit moved. But as I think about my nation and Christendom as a whole, I wonder if we rely way too much upon persuasive arguments or an impressive presentation of Christian dogma, rather than the need for everyone of us to confess sin (and quite referring to it by any other name); turn away from those things that we doubt are pleasing to Him; Obey God as He speak to us and stop making excuses for ignoring Him; forgetting what is politically correct and instead, with courage and passion, confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Speak Lord Jesus. Open my eyes to the things that I have done that have offended you or compromised my walk. Show me all things, hidden or in plain view, that are not needed or appropriate for a man to possess or display that he is in love with God. And give me the opportunity to profess that Jesus Christ is Lord to all you place in my path.

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