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We Need Your Help....

Dear Friends, Our camp will open for it’s 40th summer in less than two months! It’s exciting, of course, but getting a camp ready is a daunting task every year. I have seen God bless our camp incredibly and miraculoulsy over the past four decades, and I am sure that great things are in store for the children and staff that will soon be arriving. But I need help this year. If you believe in our work please pray for us. I have been praying for the camp throughout the day for months, but sometimes it seems that those things I had hoped and believed would be happening, are not. Today, during my early morning prayer, I was led to believe that I need to humbly ask others to pray for me and this camp. It’s humbling to ask for help, even though I’ve had to do it for many years. But miracles follow when this camp is surrounded by people that pray. I realize that some folks can be flippant and uncommitted to prayer, but I know of quite a few others that are true “prayer warriors”. This little blog is directed to the warriors—those that will keep their promise and pray. There are three things that require God’s intervention: 1. Camper enrollment. We’ve grown every summer since the disaster of Covid, and this year has already surpassed the 2022 summer season. But we are hoping on more camper to register before the camp opens. Our foreign campers are having troubles at the embassies and domestic campers are need to pick up the pace. Again, we have more campers than we have in three years, but we need to fill every bed posssible this summer . Please pray for God to bless us abundantly, as only He can. 2. Summer Staff. We’ve hired more than we’ve hired in years, but, once again, the U.S. Embassies are slower than normal to issue the required documents. Please pray that our staff are able to receive their work visas and/or that God send us more volunteers. 3. Camper scholarships. Every year more and more campers want to attend our camp that cannot afford the fees. If a bed is open, and the child wants to come but can’t afford camp, we help them. But we must have the support our alumni, parents and kind-hearted supporters that are willing to sponsor a chid. Please pray for an out-pouring of support for children that want to come, but can’t pay the normal fee. I have been praying for these three things since last summer, but I need others to join me in prayer. Will you faithfully pray for these things every day until our camp opens, June 6? If so, please let me by responding this letter! And if you would like to join me in fasting every Friday until then, you would make my day! Please let me about that as well. Miracles will soon come our way if God’s people humble themselves and pray….I am believing in a miracle.

Warmly, Dean Barley 1945 Vineyard Road Westfield, NC 27053 336 351 2070

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