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A better father than me...

Dear Friends,

Moses begged God for the chance just to see the promised land. As I read it I thought to myself, ‘after forty years in the desert and all the rebellion and bellyaching Moses put up with, why not let him go in and at least spend a few days there before he died.’ But God said, “No more of this”. And in a few verses Moses was told to basically get ready to die!

This is one of passages I don’t totally “get”, because when you first read this God seems too rigid. Why couldn’t He give some grace to Moses that Moses begged God to give to the Hebrews when they rebelled against God? God was merciful and patient with them, but seems unwilling to give Moses a second chance.

I never have fully grasped when Moses and Aaron did that God so upset when they struck the rock and water came out, but they did it wrong, somehow, and they knew it.

But I have to remember that God is the perfect Father—-I am far from it. So when Moses is recorded to be begging for what he wanted (after God already told him “no”) is not the posture of a humble man, but of a stubborn man. Moses was a great man of faith, but he did not always do the right thing. As we look at the great heroes of the Bible and Christian history, we should never put our total confidence in a man or woman—-only One is truly “good” and totally worthy of trust.

With God, “no” means “no”. A good parent does not waver in regard to his/her standards or what’s best for the child and family. They place their love of their child above begging and temper tantrums. Why do my kids beg and beg when I say, “no”? Sometimes because I don’t love them enough, I think. I am weak—and they know it. Do I want my children to trust me? Teaching them to accept “no” and to trust me is preparing them to one day trust HIM and to accept HIS no’s as well.

There’s a point when God says, “That’s enough”……..There IS a point to stop asking for what He is clearly saying “no” to. And my observation is that I do NOT know what is best for me….I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow that might totally upend all my detailed life plans… heart does not always “pine” for the best things……I sometimes change my mind!

I thank God that is a better Father than I am……

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