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A Common Tongue....

I shared yesterday what I think truly brings a smile to God’s face, i.e. His children living humble lives and trusting God to bless them if they put their confidence in Him. But the opposite of this, arrogance and pride, is perhaps the thing He dislikes the most.

Yet the next thing that disgusts God the most is lying. If you read the Bible, He points this out many, many times. God despise lying lips. Did you hear that? God not only tells us to not lie, He is particularly offended by it. You were created for something higher and more noble.

Do you lie? Most folks do at some point during the day, and some do it a lot. You can’t trust a liar, but the liar’s worst punishment is not in that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else. That’s what happens when you lie all the time. You begin to assume that everyone else is just like you—a liar. So you can trust no one and it makes life more difficult than it already is.

The Bible says this: “Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight.” Which do you to want to be? The object of His disgust or delight?

But even when you consider how much it displeases our Creator and complicates life, consider the reason why you lie. Isn’t it almost always you’re afraid or embarrassed to tell the truth? The great villain of the Avengers Movie Series was Thanos. He was bad—a very cruel creature that killed millions! But he was not a coward. I don’t say this to praise the character, but when he was accused of lying by “Star Lord”, his daughter, Gomorrah, sighed, “My father is many things, but he is not a liar.”

Cowards lie. Lying is an admission of weakness. If you're the strongest, you can afford to tell the truth. Are you strong? Are you brave? Are you able to tell the truth? Actually it’s not a question of if you are able, but if are courageous enough—and smart enough. Lies catch up with you—even if others don’t know the truth, you do, and so does God. Eventually you will be known of as a young person of truth or one that embellishes, lies, etc. If you lie, you will not be uncommon, you’ll be like most everyone else. But as Aesop once said, “A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth! ” And this is what’s wrong with our national leaders and what’s wrong with the generation that is beginning to take the baton and run the human race. Truth has been sacrificed on the altar of a convenient, slovenly life.

Please, please: choose to be uncommon and hate a lying tongue. Don’t allow it! Be brave and watch how He blesses you—even if you’re living a very unconventional and uncommon life.

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