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A dachshund was lost today.......

The Vineyard

Dear Friends,

This morning I got up early to organize my day, the boys shuttles to their schools, our staff meetings, and so on. I had a full day planned by 9:00 am and had just finished our staff meeting when I got a text from a friend asking me if I had lost my long haired dachshund, “Biscuit”.  It then hit me that I had taken Biscuit to school with the boys and that I had left my door open when I walked the youngest boy to school (he was having one of his, “I hate school” tantrums. Biscuit had jumped out and the leaders at the school were calling around trying to find out who the irresponsible owner was!

I called the school and rushed pell mell there hoping that he was still safe and sound. But he was gone.  The receptionist had seen him just ten minutes earlier, but despite all my calls, whistles and prayers, Biscuit was gone.  For an hour I drove around looking for him and totally forgot all my “agenda items” and the “essential” matters of the day.  

When I returned home I was dejected, defeated and had no stomach or will to do anything. If you don’t have a pet—particularly a dachshund—you probably don’t understand. But that twelve year old dog is a member of our family and his personality, playfulness and gentleness with the boys is endearing.  He was gone, and I knew that I would not be able to find him.  He had no collar or tags on him and it was four miles from my home to the school. The road, Route 66, is curvy and treacherous for a man in truck—-pity a ten pound canine trying to get home.

I immediately asked folks to pray for me and that little dog. It seemed childish, but it was breaking my heart to think that I would not see that little pet again—-and I was dreading the boys’ response when they found out.  When you’re grieving over something like this it’s nearly impossible to think about anything else and any business you attempt to transact is less fulfilling and purposeful.  The sadness is overwhelming—-and I knew all of this intellectually but could do nothing to stave it off!

And so I prayed and prayed for my little dog’s return and then realized how impossible it must be for the parent of a kidnapped or missing child!  How angry and disillusioned a parent must become towards God and all humanity when all their pleas and searching leads to nothing!   I felt all of this as I waited and prayed. Finally I lifted my hands to heaven and said, “Okay, I give this up to you and I surrender Biscuit to you. Please let him be found if possible, but I abdicate my will to yours”.

I lowered my hands, turned around and there was Biscuit! He had run four miles back from the school and had returned home, pushed open the door and sauntered in as if he had just returned from a stroll in the park. Now nothing mattered but the celebration of his return!  All the work and challenges of the day lie in front of me still, but our little hero had returned home and we played on the carpet in celebration of his return.

Yes, this is only a pet, but I can only imagine how much more emotion must be displayed in heaven (according to Jesus) when one of His beloveds returns home after being lost. Biscuit was God’s natural revelation to me about the sadness of one being “lost” and the joy of one being “found”.  I understood it a bit better today.

Thank you Biscuit……


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

336 351 2070

919 360 8493 (Mobile)

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