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A drop of blood...

I had a very strange dream last night, and each time I went back to sleep, I picked up on the dream where I had just left off. I do sleep light so I tend to remember my dreams a bit more vividly than some, it appears, but this one I cannot get out of my mind.

When I wend to bed I had some congestion and keep coughing throughout the evening. In the dream a “guide” told me that it would only take a drop of blood (the blood of Jesus) to heal my throat. In the dream I somehow had a drop of the divine blood on my finger, and each time I touched my throat with that finger and the coughing stopped. This went on (it seems) for hours. But by the time I woke up I was still touching my throat with my finger when I started to cough, —-and I did stop coughing.

Coughing notwithstanding, the dream spoke to me. The blood of Jesus covered not only my sins, but truly, represents “power”—there is power in the blood. We don’t talk about this very much in Protestant churches, but the blood of Jesus represents the single reason we have access to a Holy Heavenly Father.

And so today I have offered up every petitions and intercession reminding myself of the blood of Jesus—-not my righteousness or the beauty or sincerity of my prayers. And every time I have talked to Him today I have referenced the blood of Jesus, and in each time I sensed some invigoration and certainty in my prayers that I have not felt for a long time. To be clear, I am not suggesting that we should carry a vial of blessed blood around our necks or assume that “magic” that can be released when we speak the words “blood of Jesus”. Those tendencies have always plagued the church and subverted the gospel and truth about Jesus.

But realizing the power of the spilled blood of Jesus gives us the incredible power to know that nothing can undo what He did on that cross and nothing, nothing, can thwart His determination to cover, empower, sustain and deliver me. I was saved by the blood of Jesus——and I am going forward in confidence because that blood yet seals and protects me.

Have you received the blood of Jesus in your life?

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