Dean is Visiting France

Dean is now in France sharing our camp with 2020 Campers, LITs, IAP and Staff!

Here is his schedule:

November 30, Paris Meeting at home of Armand Lefebure

December 1, Lille Meeting at the home of Valerie Plamont

December 2, Lille Home of Honore family

December 3, Near Versailles Meeting at home of Salle family

December 4, Lyon Home of Gonin family

December 5, Marseilles —OPEN—

December 6, Marseilles Home of deDinechin family

December 7, Versailles Home of LaCourt family

December 8, Lille Home of Honore family

December 9, Nantes Home of Carol Godon family

December 10, Tours Home of Koch family

December 11, Versailles Home of Grosjean family

December 12, Toulouse Home of de Soos family

December 13, Saint Cloud Home of  Etienne family

December 14, Versailles/Paris —OPEN—

If you or friends are interested in attending a presentation, email him at or call him at +1 (919) 360-8493 or at any of the following hotels when he is in your city:

Versailles: Pullman Hotel  1 47 17 50 00

Lille: L’ Hermitage Gantois:     3 20 85 30 30

Nantes: Radisson Blu       2 72 00 10 00

Lyon: Cour des Loges     4 72 77 44 46

Marseilles: Radisson Blu     4 88 44 52 00

Tours:  Chateau d’Artigny     2 47 34 30 30

Toulouse: Le Grand Balcon    5 34 25 44 09

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