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Do you WANT the truth?

I went to seminary to learn how to lead others to God, but I nearly lost my faith in seminary. It was not a place to find God, but rather an academic setting that actually eroded my faith. I attended on as a “Brown Scholar” with the idea that I would be a great pastor one day, but I graduated discouraged and unsure.

Upon leaving seminary I determined to decide for myself to find the truth. If God was real, and if Jesus Christ was truly His Incarnate Son, I would dedicate my life afresh to full-time ministry; but if I could not find the truth—-and I mean solid proof of the authenticity and integrity of the Christian faith, I would devote my energy to making money, eating, drinking and being happy!

So I turned to a man that was an atheist and then became a believer—and I found my faith and subsequently surrendered my life, ambition and energy to Him. This atheist, who became a believer, was C.S. Lewis, and for once I found meaning, reason and proof of God—-and later Jesus Christ.

So let me ask you this: Do you want to find the truth? Here’s a warning: If you truly look for the truth about God—i.e., if there or God or not—-you will, in the end, not only find God, but also peace and comfort for your soul. But are you prepared to take the plunge? Are you ready for the possibility that there is no God? That’s the chance I took! I shook aside all I had been taught about God and on my own decided to find the truth.

It takes courage and resolve to throw off all your notions about what is out there and seek the truth. Most people don’t want the truth, they want to establish an argument to prove their point of view. But people that don’t want the truth end up as radical followers of a religion, or atheists or agnostic. If you don’t want the truth, you will never find the Christian faith, let alone an intimate understanding of God and His love for you.

But the moment you start to think about finding truth, the devil tells you that it is something is too fearful to look at—-but look at it anyway! He will suggest to you that truth about God is something is too terrible to hear—but hear it nonetheless! The next time you hear him whisper to you that the truth is truly unbearable, bear it. You’ll become an enemy of satan and a child of God.

Seek the truth! Sell all that you have to find it. Give up any relationship or any passion that stands in the way.

And here’s the irrefutable truth I discovered after I graduated from Seminary. Jesus Christ lived, died——and rose from the dead. That’s changed everything in my life…

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