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Facilities make a difference...

Try to envision a place where a child would want to spend a week or more every summer. Would it be a country club (perhaps for some) or the rugged wilderness (may for a special few!)

And what about the location of that place? Near the ocean? High in the mountains? The rolling hills? Near a river? On a lake? Hidden off the beaten track or right near a city?

This is, of course, what we envisioned when we began The Vineyard 40 years ago. Rustic, yet comfortable, well constructed and functional. But this coming summer, we’re adding to what we have and improving a few things:

Volleyball courts. We’re adding new fences and sand. The new 10 foot fencing will save a lot of time chasing balls down the mountain!

Water Balloon Forts! We had this years ago, but the forts eventually had to be removed. But we’re adding them back—-and better! Two forts, one on each end of the athletic fiend. Each fort will have two floors, water balloon launchers and a source for filling up the balloons!

The Gate House. The first building you see when you come through our gates is the “Gate House”. The house has served as a residence, cabin for small campers, and during Covid an infirmary. This month it is being remodeled to include a new kitchen, dining room and four bedrooms for guests this summer. We’re also adding a new garage door and some major landscaping.

New Soccer field. We’ve been working on this for three years now and it should be finished this month. This field will provide breath taking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and will be a regulation size field.

New Athletic field. In addition to a new soccer field we’re adding a new multi-functional field near the four tennis courts. It should also be complete this summer and ready to use for various team sports.

High Ropes Course remodeled and opened for the first time since 2020! We had to replace cables, guide wires, and almost all the metal attachments, but the rappelling, rock climbing and high ropes course is ready for 2023!

Our hope is that the camp we’ve created and continue to create is as excellent as possible and brings a smile to the face of every camper. We dedicate all of this to the glory of God——and to the imagination of childhood to all that visit us this summer. After all, childhood happens only once.

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