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Fill me!

I woke up very, very early a few nights ago, and as I often do, began to consider the chores and jobs I had to perform once I got out of bed. I considered my calendar, the meetings, deadlines, et al. The mundane drudgery of life can oftentimes push me down, but I know that little eyes in my home are watching me so I am supposed to appear cherry and optimistic at all times.

So that night, I stopped my fretting and simply prayed, “Lord please fill me up, right now, with your Holy Spirit, and let me be over-flowing with the “new life” that I want my sons and others that I meet to see today. It was not some sort of pious, elaborate or pontificating prayer——I really, sincerely, humbly meant it. “God, fill me up with you so that there is no more room for me!”

At that very moment, inexplicably, my bedroom door flew open and I the sound of rushing wind! My bedroom is on the second floor of the house and the outside doors were closed tight and all the windows were sealed. I realize that some folks hearing this might be rolling their eyes at such a story, but I know what I heard and what I saw and heard that night —- no one can tell me that what happened did not happen, and it’s not the first time I have seen His hand move in a totally unexpected, marvelous and breath-taking way.

Pnuema (πνεύμα) is the Greek word used for “Spirit”, “breath” or “wind”. In scripture, breath or wind is often associated with the coming of the Holy Spirit, so this “coincidence” got my attention and gave me great peace—it was an epiphany from God. He heard my plea—-as He hears all our pleas. We just have to be listening and to believe that He will answer us in unconventional and unexpected ways. “Fill me Lord” is a plea that He does not ignore or delay. He is ready to fill me—but am I ready to make room for Him and receive Him fully? And do I ask for it enough?

Fill me!! Why ask Him to fill me ? So that there’s not room for anything else and so that there is less of me….I have that discovered what it is in my soul and heart that brings me depression, unhappiness, a loss of focus, and discouragement is ME! But I have been filled with the Holy Spirit sent from Jesus, and I know, first-hand, the consummate joy that comes when I do not have to be preoccupied with thinking about myself or my short comings at all. There’s nothing I want more than to be filled with Him so that I can be led and motivated, focus and concentrated, upon the thinks that He has set apart for me to do.

God speaks to us in two ways—natural revelation (sunsets, the wind, physical catastrophes, etc) and divine revelation (the Bible, miracles and Him breaking into our bedrooms). Am I looking for the ways He does speak to me each day—-in ways I never expected—-and yet He is there nonetheless.

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