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Getting Ready to Open Camp for the 40th Time!

Dear Friends,

We will open the camp for our 40th season in less than two weeks! What a blessed privilege to do this kind of work and to be a part of sharing God’s love and Christ’s call to discipleship. We have had our challenges and storms, of course, but for those of us serving here, there’s not a better means of loving God than to spread His love to others. If you’ve supported us in the past, thank you for being a part of this mission!

With only eleven days left, however, there’s still much to do. Please pray for us! We also have not yet met our goal for our annual drive for scholarships. Many children want to attend camp but simply cannot afford our camp—some could not afford any camp. But we’ve never turned away a child that wanted to come, but could not, because of financial restraints.

If you have not helped us yet, please pray about it….and then listen to what the Spirit of God whispers to you. We still need to raise $100,000 before the summer is over.

Your prayers for the safety of our campers and staff is also appreciated, and prayers for the changed hearts of those that do not know the depth of God’s love.

If you choose to support us financially, you can send via Zelle, Venmo, credit card, wire transfer or check. Just send us a text, email or call us and we’ll send you whatever information you need.

“Childhood happens only once”….that’s our motto. Now is the time to help a child that might not be able to attend again. Thousands and thousands of lives have been illuminated over the past four decades because of our little camp, please help us to continue that tradition

(Our new mascot, “Sheba”, an arctic wolf.)


Dean Barley 1945 Vineyard Road Westfield, NC 27053 336 351 2070

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Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez
May 31, 2023


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