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Dear Friends,

With all the politicians jockeying for political positions in our government, I am reminded that the proper position for our leaders, and the one position that none seem to be taking, is on their knees. How many of those folks running for office today do you think are truly on their knees, humbly seeking HIM and HIS will? Where would our nation and our communities be if we elected men and women of prayer and conviction, and then held them accountable for telling the truth, keeping their promises and living as examples of what a politician of character (now there’s an oxymoron) really should be?

The sweet humility of Jesus: There’s really no fitting place for it in our world today, but was there ever a place for it? And if it is to be witnessed…if it does “fit”…should it not first be identified in our pulpits, seminaries, Christian organizations, Christian authors and (“yes”) Christian camp directors?

The practice of humble prayers produces the power of spiritual stamina and inner conviction that can withstand insult and what might appear to be imminent defeat. But the arrogance of trusting in our own wits and instincts is what lies at the heart of human failure and has produced oceans of tears throughout human history.

The more read the headlines about our politicians, I wonder why no one is counseling them of the benefit of complimenting and praising the other guy; of not taking credit for things you merely helped bring about. What about this Christian concept of being forgotten and letting someone else receive the celebration and adoration? We love to see these effacing qualities in others, so why do we not demand it from our national leaders, professional athletes, our clergy——and very selves?

As I read, listen, and watch all of that is going on in my state and country, the I less and less I feel like I fit in—-and perhaps that’s a good thing. That’s not to say that I am “walking with the spiritual giants” yet. But it does mean that after I have tasted the spiritual food that God offers, it’s hard to appreciate the taste of what the world throws at me and call it “haute cuisine”.

Lord, please raise up gentlemen and ladies to lead us and inspire us—we’re starving for it.

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