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Dear Parents, Campers and Alumni,

After examining Governor Cooper’s requirements and suggestions for resident camp operation, and consulting with the local health department and other specialists, we have determined that  The Vineyard Summer Camp will be open this summer, albeit for a shorter term and with less placements.

Sessions E, F, G, H and I (July 5 to August 8)will be open for Day Campers and a limited number of resident campers.   A total of 50 campers per week will be permitted with 30 staff and volunteers each week.

Day Campers may attend for $400/week, which includes all programs except Horseback Riding, Golf and Wilderness Adventure.  Resident (overnight) Campers may attend at the normal rates, but we are prepared to help families on a sliding scale if financial aid is requested.

We do not expect as many out of state or international campers as we have had in the past and our program has been reduced to meet the suggestions of the CDC, ACA and North Carolina laws;  social distance, the use of face masks, etc, will be required when possible.  Campers, staff and volunteers should bring their own face-masks.


Riflery  Skeet shooting  High ropes Lake activities  Horseback riding Pool activities

Mountain biking  Wilderness adventure Billiards Paintball  Golf  Baseball machine Fishing Football passing  machine Biking

Covid 19 Specific Information:

* All North Carolina and Stokes County regulations applicable at the time of  stay will be followed. Please note these may change with little advance notice - either further easing or tightening - and in order to continue to operate we will have no choice but to change our protocol accordingly. 

* All campers are urged to be tested within 5 days prior to arrival; if any member of the reservation party tests positive the reservation may be cancelled or postponed at no cost. Campers are encouraged to self-quarantine (as much as possible) for the 14 days PRIOR to coming to camp. This action will help all involved.

* All cabins and buildings will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily.

* All campers, staff and parents agree to report any Covid Indicating Symptoms should they present with 14 days following departure.

* All camp staff will be screened daily; should any indicate possible symptoms of Covid-19 they will be quarantined and tested per state and local regulations.

* All meals will be served by a member of the food service staff in adherence with all state and local regulations.

* Disposable plates, utensils and cups will be used.

* Proper cleaning protocols will be followed at each location to sanitize equipment between participants from different families. 

* Proper social distancing between campers will be followed at all times, including evening campfire/songs.

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