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Simple pleasures are the best....

What’s the best part of life?

As I stay home for most of the day now, I often wonder what is really the best part of the “simple life”? Minus all the calls, texts, emails, work and fuss that goes about the day, what brings the most pleasure and peace to me?

Obviously, the source of all good things is God, but there are things He has given that I sometimes take for granted or don’t take time enjoying enough. I’ve come up with my list—see if your’s is similar

1. Colors and nature. When stressed, a walk in the forest or by a garden is uplifting to me and I am less depressed. I have found that flowers and gardens absolutely attend to my soul when I am in need of something to lift me up. “Your nearer God’s heart in a garden than any other place on earth” is true. Christ retreated to gardens to pray and be at peace with His Father..

2. Wonderful food with wonderful friends. You can only live in one home or drive one car or eat from one table at a time. Some of us spend our lives collecting things that we really can’t even use or appreciate, but food with good friends is one of life’s greatest and most simple pleasures. The bible talks many, many times about Jesus eating with His friends and admirers. It must have been a pleasure for Him as well. I need to slow down, savor the meal and relish the company with whom I eat!

3. Great music. Without appearing to be a snob or an audiophile, allow me to simply say that I appreciate classical, jazz and blues—-but also a mix of all other kinds as well. We all know how a tune, or a movement can put our hearts at rest and soothe our souls. God’s gift of music has, of course, been perverted at times, but we can all attest to the beauty of hearing music that penetrates our being and seems to call us to a better, more perfect place.

4. Laughter. No matter how hard the day is, laughter “heals” me and is one of the brightest gifts to help me maintain my sanity! How much more pleasant I am to be around when I laugh at my mistakes and blunders, rather than stomp and smash and scream! Someone once said that, “If laughter cannot solve my problems, it will definitely DISSOLVE my problems; so that you can think clearly what to do about them.” Let’s learn to laugh more.

5. Some silence during the day. Life is busy, but a few quiet moments every day can better prepare me to handle everything that comes my way. I have declared in my home my need for a daily quiet time to read, meditate, pray and write. I need it and I am a better father and friend because of it. I guard that time and make sure I am up early enough to seize it!

What simple things in life do you appreciate this most?

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