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Spiritual cairns....

What am I to do when my best efforts seem to not bring about the results I had hoped for?  What should I think when it appears that I might have been mistaken about the direction my life has taken, or the vocation, relationships and roles in which I now find myself?

In the Old Testament a pile of stones was often set up to remind the Israelites of God’s miraculous intervention.  When they saw that monument of old rocks, they would be reminded of how God had miraculously delivered them. In effect, the stones became a “journal”, or testament of their spiritual pilgrimage—-something they could reference when they were unsure of why they were still where they were, or if things got tough and they were tempted to return to Egypt or to disbelieve; they could always see that pile of rocks and remember that yes, God has led us here for a purpose! They were here because of His providential leadership—-they would not turn back or give up as long as that stack of stones was there as a reminder—-it blocked their path back to Egypt or the wilderness. 

Do you have monuments—-or piles of stones—that serve are testaments and journals for you to turn  to when you are unsure about where you should go or what you should do?  In my life I have experienced three major epiphanies—-events that shook me to my core and got my attention.  They represent the three times that I was certain that God was speaking directly to me.  They are a monument of stones for me. When I am unsure about my future or the path I am on, I find that going back to those three piles of rock helps me to hold and be strengthened. They offer me the sustenance I need for unquestionable evidence of His direction and love.  No one can discount, deny or argue away what I know happened to me 35, 25 and 15 years ago. These things are immovable markers in my life——and I thank God for them, and other events and answers to prayer that steady me when I am tempted to tremble.

For the next three days I will share each of those special moments.  They don’t represent times when I was particularly mature or astute spiritually—quite the opposite!  But His words brought me immediate peace and they now serve as monuments in my life—-things I look back to as granite pillars of His providence and His unchanging love.

When tempted to turn back and give up, take a look at the piles of stones God has placed in your life; be reminded of your election and the call He placed upon you.

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