Thank you for helping us reach our August Goal!

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, we posted an “urgent” need to raise $90,000 within a few days. Thanks to the support of many that were touched by our ministry, we met the goal. Thank you. This was an inspiring answer to prayer!

We are now attempting to complete a drive for the rest of our needs for the fall of 2019. As you may recall, the devastating fire of 2017 and subsequent smaller-than-expected settlement with our insurance company left us financially strapped. The balance we must raise through donations prior to the end of the year is $300,000.  While the deposits and payments made from 2020 camper tuition could be used to address the final debts carried over since 2017, we would strongly prefer to be fiscally responsible and not rob Peter to pay Paul.

Our prayer and petition is to raise a total of $300,000 in gifts before the end of the year. This would amount to 500 donors each giving an average $600.  Obviously, any gift of any amount is appreciated and will be used towards recovering the financial needs for the happy holy haven and its’ future!   Please simply support us as you are able and led.

On a very positive note, we have been forced to scrutinize our operations and we have reduced costs while expanding marketing.  The result is that we are experiencing a 95% positive response/return rate from the 2019 campers!  We are on track to an expanded summer season and growth.

Please be the first to pledge $600 (or whatever you can) and ask an alumni friend or two to follow your example!  You can send your support via Zelle (919/360-8493) credit card, Apple Pay, or check.

In addition, the Board of Directors is attempting to expand our board and establish Alumni Committees to help with:

  1. Camper marketing - Help us fill the camp with children from all over the USA.

  2. Special development events - Golf tournaments, auctions, dinners to raise funds for the camp.

  3. Camper scholarship fund raising - Many campers attend at a reduced rate and need “sponsors” to help with their tuition.  

  4. Volunteers and gifts in kind - From building, painting, cooking or assisting in our infirmary, we need helpers.

Would you be interested in serving?  Please let one of our board members know.  

Dr. Wayne Guida (p) 727.452.2986

Chris Leftakis (p) 407.342.3926

Connie Joyner: (p) 919.218.7582

Dean Barley (p) 919.360.8493


Dean Barley

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