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The credit of Abraham...

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Dear Friends,

I was reading in Genesis about a very important man—Abraham. This man represents the father of the entire nation of Israel—-the lineage of God’s own Son Jesus!

This man was not only a hero and giant in Hebrew history, but also an incredible Christian witness.

Consider this:

1, God spoke to Abraham and told him to move with all his family and servants, etc to a new land——-and Abraham immediately obeyed God——and God blessed him with honor, a son, wealth. Do I obey Him instantly when He speaks to me and asks me to do something less difficult than changing my entire life-plan to head out in a totally new direction??

2. Later, in old age, God made a promise to Abraham— and Abraham believed God and it was “accounted as righteousness”. Do I believe Him and trust Him????

3. But after all of this, God tested him to see where his first love lay. Do I expect anything less from God if He is going to use me in great or small ways? He will test me if I am an obedient son. He will test me if I believe and trust Him! It might sound counter-intuitive, but God does not test those that don’t love Him or trust Him or obey Him, but those that DO!

Why does He do this?

-So that it is clear and obvious that nothing is more important! Am I willing to lose friends, status, security and even family if it is required in order for me to be that obedient son?? Abraham passed this test! He was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac as an act of obedience to God! That’s what God meant to Him! But you and I struggle with giving up video games, or porn, or a foul mouth or a lying tongue——-and the wonder why God does not use us for great things.

-God already knew Abraham loved Him and would obey Him! Abraham had proven it….but God was testing Abraham to prove to Abraham that he really was the man God hoped He would be. It was not for God’s benefit that Abraham was tested, but for Abraham’s benefit——-and for all of Abraham’s descendants. THIS is how a man of God is supposed to live…trust…. and obey God!

For the rest of his life, Abraham would remember that God had tested him and that he had passed the test! Oh the joy of Abraham……oh the honor, affirmation and confirmation to know that we are worthy of being tested.

Praise be to God that He still tests some of us and that some come through that test unwavering and undeterred in serving the Host of Hosts, Lord of Lords.

As He call us to move or change our direction—let is immediately obey! As He gives us a vision or whispers to us a promise—let us instantly trust Him! And as He tests us, let us not flinch or whine or whimper, but like Abraham, bravely accept the test.


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

336 351 2070

919 360 8493 (Mobile)

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