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The Vineyard

Christmas Grapevine... 2022

Dear Friends: As you gather with those that you love—and those that love you—-to celebrate the incredible glory and majesty of this holy season, may your home be filled with His peace, love, and joy—- in abundance. On behalf of all our staff, thank you for being our friends over these past two most difficult years. We anticipate an abundance of God’s blessings in 2022. From Our Pets, As campers and close friends know, our pets this past summer were aging, and sadly, we lost the two dachshunds (Biscuit and Jude) and our beloved wolf, Kalah. All three lived long, full, fun-filled lives at the camp. But our hearts were broken three times in one season! We do have two new

dachshund puppies, Abraham and Gabriel, and a new wolf cub. These mascots/pets should not, and will not take the place of the other three, but we think that campers and staff will fall in love with these special creatures much as they did with Biscuit, Jude and Kalah

From Dean’s Desk

As I am putting together this short message, we’re preparing for our first snowstorm this coming Thursday. Rarely do the meteorologists get their forecasts right in Piedmont, but who knows, perhaps they are right this time! We have not had a white Christmas in many years— something very special about the crisp air and snow-covered ground on Christmas Day. My sons worry that the snow will keep their friends away that day, but it’s okay to relax and enjoy family sometimes——there will be other days to be with their friends. But isn’t it the simple, unplanned things in our lives that are the most special? My sons pine for events and experiences that will stimulate them, make them laugh, or give them a rush of adrenaline—— and I am trying to teach them that what they are really dreaming about is the abundant, full, and overflowing that is ours……because of Christmas—-and Calvary.

May your Christmas be organized and perfectly decorated, if that’s what puts your heart at peace the best, but I hope that you also enjoy the profound joy that comes unexpectedly and when you need it the most, as you focus upon the giver of Peace and Joy this Christmas.

Camper Enrollment

Since Covid, we’ve seen a shift towards more campers from the USA attending. Last year 70% were from the USA, and this year we expect about 60% from the USA. The others are coming from Egypt, Pakistan, South America, Central America, France, Spain, the Caribbean, and Kenya!

In 2021 our enrollment doubled; this past summer, it doubled, and, God-willing, we expect it to double again in 2023. We hope your child can be a part of our camp as it grows! If you know of other families interested in our camp, please contact our office.

2023 Summer Staff News

I’ve been going to camp for almost 50 summers now, and I can attest that the most important staff at the camp are not the coaches, drivers, cooks, or housekeepers. Yes, they are essential for a Christian sports camp, such as ours, but the most critical job is that of a cabin counselor.