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The Virus...

The Corona Virus

As of right now the world is in a panic over the corona virus—-the new deadly virus that was unleashed from China at the end of 2019. It’s funny how nations, adults and our leaders very often act like little children when they do something wrong or foolish. My sons tend to look for an excuse, try to blame someone else, or even point out something positive that might have happened because of the bad thing they have done.

I don’t know all the details, and because the communist leadership of China is so secretive, opaque and dishonest, no one will get the entire truth until the present dictatorship is dead and gone and people are free from the fear of telling the truth. But the Chinese leaders, primarily President Xi, initially denied it was a problem, then downplayed the issue, then blamed it on someone else (the present canard is that the US army somehow planted the virus in China to hurt the country), and now, most recently, to proclaim that they are not the culprits of covering it up or hiding the truth, but really the heroes for showing the world how to defeat the very disease they unleashed on the world!

Admittedly these words will never be seen by my friends in China, because despots, just like the devil and those within his camp, eschew and fear truth more than anything else.

As I am writing this our nation has shut down all schools, restaurants, bars, athletic events, large events and even churches. And yet most of us realize that God is still God and that He is able to rescue, restore and redeem our nation and the other nations regardless of how dire and fearful the future looks. On an individual level, all of us have reason to fear, and if I did not believe in a good God that loves me more with a love more excellent love than any other love I can ever experience , I would be fretting, hoarding food, plotting on how to keep ahead of others and I would be losing sleep over how to protect myself and my future. And if I were a national leader or represented a political ideology that denied a loving and all-powerful God, I suppose I would act similar to communist China or some of our own politicians that share communist views about God and religions: that is, I would act more like a child by denying the truth, pointing my inadequate and guilty finger at someone else, attempt to shift blame to anyone but myself, and take the spotlight off what I could or should have done, and perhaps even suggest that because of me things could actually be better. It’s child’s talk versus a man or woman of God talk.

I cannot see the future, but I believe that this virus will eventually infect most Americans, French, Bolivians, Mexican, Jamaicans, South Africans, Colombians and all the other people on this earth. Even now the virus is re-occurring in the very places it was first seen. But God has not called on His people to live in fear, but rather to “call upon Him”. This virus might prove to be the one thing that brings America and the other nations back to a holy reverence for God and away from our smug arrogance. We live in a very, very dangerous world right now, but God is more than able to turn this nightmare into a world-wide revival. May the revival begin tonight…

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