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Waiting in line..

In a dream last night I had just de-boarded from a plane and was heading to some sort of conference at a huge hotel. The doors to the hotel (it was a Marriott for some reason) were locked because of the virus, but one of the staff opened a door on the far right and we dashed to the door to get registered for your rooms.

I was surprised to see about a dozen registration stations set in a huge foyer each with a hotel staff helping all of us get our rooms. In the dream there were hundreds of us wanting to get our room as quickly as possible. I went to the far station to sign in because it only had one guest ahead of me, and I could see folks starting to crowd the nearby desks.

But then, right when it was my turn to be helped, twenty or more people jumped in front of me! I usually don’t react when things like this happens in life, but this time, for whatever reason, it just exploded. I spoke, rather loudly, “Hey, what you are guys doing? Look at this line over here and look how many folks are behind me, all waiting for their turns!” Most of the men that jumped in front of me moved to the back of the line, but one would not, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. And no one in the line behind me said a single word! The one that had jumped in front of refused to budge, and it seemed best to simply ignore the matter and the entire principle of “first come, first serve”, and just let him get registered.

Later it was finally my turn and then a woman literally ran in front of me to take my place. Again, I protested that all of us were patiently waiting in line and for her to get in line. But she insisted that she had a purse full of names of associates that “had to check-in, immediately”. She smiled and refused to yield to me. So again, I waited, and then she motioned for thirty people to join her, right in front of me and all of us that had been waiting!

At this point I woke up in an angry fit and had a hard time going back to bed. But then, something told me that I needed to get to my dream or I would lose my place in line. Such are some of my dreams lately. Sadly, I could not “re-start” the dream to complete it in a favorable fashion.

But dreams such as this remind me that life is not fair. Things don’t always turn out right and some folks do the wrong thing and get away with it. The fact that we know right from wrong, innately, points to the reality of God. It was God, of course, that placed the idea of honesty and right-living being “good” within us. Though we might be the ones that cut into line, cheat or lie, we know it’s wrong—-particularly when it’s done to us!

And these visions/dreams cause me to soberly admit that things in this world are never going to be like they should be. Yes, I should continue to yearn and dream of a truly righteous place, but “this world is not my home, I’m just passing through….”

It hit me that I need to speak up about indignity and what is not right—-but so do those that are “100% behind me”. Perhaps we’ve too silent and too timid in this regard, but there’s nothing wrong with expecting courtesy and decency from others; we’re headed for a societal breakdown when we become afraid to talk about right and wrong or when we allow others to drown us out when we demand good manners. Everyone should wait in line and treat strangers with respect. That stranger might be an angel….

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