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What about my mercy.....

The Vineyard

Dear Friends,

Every day one of the boys in my home tell me that “it’s not fair”.  Now they never say this when they get more than their share or when the do not get the negative consequence they deserve. But even children are aware of what is “fair” and what isn’t.

Much could be said, of course, about how this idea of fairness is innate to human beings and how is has nothing to do with animal-like behavior. It is something that points toward our divine creation and our Creator.  

But what stuck in my mind today is how just like the boys I am.  To my shame, I am sometimes a bit “satisfied” when I see a State Trooper pull over the driver of a new sports car; yet I cringe each time a deputy or trooper starts following me! The last thing I want is for that traffic officer to judge me “fairly” (I have a heavy foot quite often).

But as I  imagine today (only today)  how different—-and unpleasant—-my life would be if I really got what I deserved…I am humbled.  How miserable life would be for all of us if we received exactly  what we deserved, and yet how often I want “punishment” for the other person.

Notwithstanding the penalty of sin, something that hangs over all our heads , it’s the little lies and little laws that I break for which I am accountable to my friends, family and community that cause me grief.  What if I really received each day precisely what I deserved from my fellow man?!

Finally I thought about  what if I was treated just like I treated the LEAST person I came across today?  What if truly and literally, what I did to others (the least one) was done to me?  There are times when I have been accused of being too  full of grace and mercy, but I think that I am far from that.  I am compassionate and merciful to some, but not to everyone, and that’s where I fail.  It’s far better than I am treated unfairly, cheated, disenfranchised and wronged than to deny them the same grace and mercy I that I desperately need from a compassionate Father.

Do I want I want to be treated fairly by my fellow man? No, I want to be treated a bit better!  Do I want to be treated fairly by God? Absolutely not!  I beg for His mercy.

But am I not required to give in the same manner I hope to receive?


Dean Barley

The Vineyard

336 351 2070

919 360 8493 (Mobile)

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