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What am I saying?!

Who is listening to my unguarded words? Those remarks and comments that naturally slip off my tongue when I am annoyed or tired. I know of at least three little boys in my home who seem to pay more attention to my cutting discords when I wish no one was paying attention . It’s a bit scary to hear the same pungent words I used last week echo in the little voices in our house the next day. They often repeat and intone the very same things I should not have said, often with the same inflection!

“Good grief”…..

“Do you know how much that cost me????”……

“Don’t make me come up there?”…….

“Are you crazy or something?”…….

“What is wrong with you?”……

But am I listening to His words so often and carefully that I am also repeating the very things He says to me? One of the reasons I need to spend intimate, private and focused time with Him daily is so I might unlearn the common tongue of the devil and remember the very voice and language of God Almighty. He never yells or screams at me, He does not bring up my past indiscretions, He does not seek to push me down nor does He seek my destruction or threaten to “skin me alive”—-He is for me.

What words does He repeat to me when I am alone with Him that I ought to be repeating or living when I with others? The words, “I love you”, “You can be the man”, “I am for you”, “I forgive you”, “I have chosen you”. “I will never forsake you”…..

And aren’t these the same things we hope and yearn to hear from those we love? Aren’t these words the essential things that a lover says to his/her beloved?

“Lord teach me to speak to others like you speak to me.”

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