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Who do you trust?

I recently asked one of my sons who really he trusted. I was surprised that he could not mention a single friend, aunt, uncle or grandparent! The only ones he trusted were two of my friends—men he had seen and “kept track of” of what they said and what they did. He had seen many other friends, folks we love, that did not always keep their word, tell the whole truth, or do the “right thing”, and he was quite aware of the integrity of two and the lack of integrity—albeit minor—of all the others. He knew how broken promises from those I wanted to trust hurt me, my ministry and how it complicated our lives in general.

Who do you trust? And perhaps more important, as you look in the mirror each day, ask yourself the question, “Who trusts you?”

So test yourself: Can you keep a secret? Do you always keep a promise? Do you speak the same way behind the back of a friend as you do to their face? Have you put away any hint of deceit and dishonesty with those that trust you?

When you’re around someone that’s constantly talking badly about someone else you both know, behind his/her back, you can almost certain that this same person is talking bad about you behind your back. If they lie about others, they’re probably lying about you. If they put down others, make fun of them and ridicule them when they leave the room, you can bet that the same is being done to you by that person when you leave the room.

In the New Testament we’re told this about Jesus these sobering words: “ But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.” (John 2:24, NIV). Obviously then, it’s not a sin to hesitate to trust people, Jesus knew that. But by the same token, all those that knew the risen Christ (then and now) can trust Him—-and He’s our model and hero. He is worthy of trust—and so should we be.

Be careful who you trust, and realize that all of us are mortal—we all fail to be the friend we should be sometimes. But choose, right now, to be a person that can be trusted. It’s not a gift from God, but a choice a disciple of Christ makes—-every day.

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